Geek Conventions and their Dirty Secrets

I attended Dark Con in January and was surprised to see so many gaming tables not being utilized to their fullest potential. Then it dawned on me, maybe the average Joe isn’t aware of the greatness that’s out here? Perhaps the lure of people dressed as Steampunk cowboys or Anime superheros isn’t your thing? Maybe you think a whole convention devoted to zombie dinosaurs is just to “nerdy” for you.

Well,  you’ve been kept in the dark about the secret happening at these conventions all your life.

That’s right, you’ve been missing out on 2-4 days worth of hardcore gaming and being introduced to amazing titles you might not have played before.

What’s that you say? They highlight games at these conventions too? So how does that work?

Many conventions reserve a whole room for gaming and post schedules online ahead of time. All you have to do is pay to enter the event and head down to the game room. Then you can then flip through the sign up book to choose your own adventure for the day.

I can understand not wanting to pay $40 to learn about the finer points of Pirate Robots. However, $40 for four days worth meeting fellow gamers in your area, playing new games and possibly winning great prizes? It’s totally worth awkwardly standing in line with someone cosplaying Ninja Santa.

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