Empire Games Review

Empire Games
1766 S. Greenfield Road. Suite 102. Mesa, AZ 85206
(480) 813-1525
Store Hours:
M-Sa: 11am – 12am
Su: 11am – 9pm

First Impression: 

This store is big and open, which I love. It also has plenty of space for gaming and tons of tables for miniature gaming. Truly, my heart was hoping that this was the store for me! However, as I hung around I realized, although this was an amazing store, it was not my crowd. The people here were friendly but none seemed interested in playing my board game and they remained standoffish with me. If miniatures are your game of choice then this store is probably for you.

What they’re equipped for:

Gaming tables: They have about 8 gaming tables not counting all the tables they have for miniatures.
Store tournaments/events: They have a Facebook page and a web site however neither are updated with their current events. I recommend calling down to the store or just going in. I know they host board game nights, magic nights and several tournaments.
Gamer’s Stock on hand: They have plenty of Warhammer figurines to choose from, miniature paint and other miniature customizing needs. Their actual game selections are minimal but they do have popular stock on hand.

Food policy/Snack Availability:

Store Policy on food: You’re more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks.
Types of Snacks Available: I didn’t see anything and that seems out of the ordinary. I might have missed it.
Price: Their prices are right on par with other stores in the area.


Ownership: I’ve talked to the manager a couple of times and he seems really nice. He’ll also put things on hold if you’re looking to run down there and pick up something specific.
Cashiers: I usually run into the guy who watches the store at night. He’s always nice to me but seems to have old fashioned gamer attitude of “You’re not interested in my game choice then your interaction with me is irrelevant.”
Other Gamers: Scared to talk to me??? Or perhaps uninterested because I’m not a miniature gamer. I have no clue.


Store front: The store front is very clean and open.
Restroom: I haven’t spent a long enough gaming session in the store to actually use it.

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