Robocop 2014 set to fail?

Robocop 2014 is the most highly anticipated failure of the season! Guess who’s totally psyched to write about it. *Points two thumbs* That’s right, this Houndd!

I really don’t know what I’m more excited about: The fact that today’s age of cinema will destroy a film legend with an overdose of CGI and the divergence from the character concept and making Robocop look less – dare I say- ‘robotic’.


That it will epicly fail due to the discord already sewn within the Geek community.  Let’s face it, we’re a ruthless bunch of critics when we want to be.  There have been several movies I have mercilessly picked apart only to come back a few years later and realize they really weren’t as bad as I had thought. We get caught up in the moment of our Geekdom and feel the need to batter anyone or anything that threatens our ideas of how OUR beloved characters should look, act and feel.

Honestly, we really can’t help it because the sole definition of being a geek means that you’re putting every bit of your heart and soul into these ideas and that’s just how our little geeky hearts work.

What I suggest is going to movie with an open mind. Will it be the original? Probably not but think  about all the life this version of the film is giving to the original. Kids who haven’t seen the older version will seek out this Holy Grail of a film, just to see what everyone’s talking about. Thus passing the torch to the the younger generation of Geeks.

(Make sure to keep an eye out this weekend for my Robocop Movie Review on the D20 Girls website.)

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