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Top 8 Board Games for Children with Gaming Parents

There are a lot of really awesome board games out there and after having a child I quickly realized that my love of gaming would be passed down to my spawn. Things started slow as she showed interest in playing King of Tokyo with us at the age of two however halfway through the game she would get distracted and wander off.  By three she was interested in playing a full game and by four she wanted to play every game we had on the shelf. A few games I had to alter for her but once she started preschool I realized how much she had learned by letting her play with us. Her math, matching, reading and pattern skills beat anyone in her age group and I’ve found it’s the easiest way to teach her a new skill.

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How to Demo a Game

Whether you’re teaching a game to your friends or doing a professional demonstration, how you teach a game can lead your players into gaming bliss or frustrated  failure.

This has become exceedingly clear to me after sitting through several demos and leaving disappointed in what I thought would be a good game. To be honest demoing a game can be hard sometimes. You can be nervous or have a super rowdy crowd. You could be showing a game to people who have never seen a board game before and  seriously even some instruction booklets get these simple steps wrong.

So I’ve devised a quick reference to help everyone out.

How to  Demo a Game… better!

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