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Kat Rider has worked within the gaming industry since 2013 when she volunteered as part of the game demonstration team for Steve Jackson Games. Here she introduced people around the world to new games and has become deeply involved in the gaming community by creating entertaining skits, compelling product pictures, and engaging video content.

Kat’s professional career has given her the opportunity to work with large companies in the industry like Mythic Games, CMON, and Steve Jackson by providing them with specialized company streams and video production knowledge. She has also worked with sensitive IPs from the film industry including collaborations with companies like Disney and Warner Brothers.

Kat’s number one goal when tackling a project she manages is making it entertaining, friendly for the masses, and eye-catching in every way.

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Client Testimonials

“Gloryhoundd does great work! When they did a playthrough of our game, we were extremely impressed with what a professional and entertaining job they do. They demonstrated really well how the game plays and their chemistry on-screen really captured the experience. The whole thing felt fun, relaxed, and genuine. One of our new favorite channels!”

-Juli Bierwirth and Adrian Kerrihard

Distant Rabbit Games

“Gloryhoundd has set the stage for how board game enthusiasts, streamers, and reviewers can talk about and showcase board game technology. The ways in which Kat and the team set up their stream to incorporate Forteller’s App and narration were superb and beyond my expectations. Any tech or board game company would be lucky to have them as partners and I couldn’t recommend them more highly. Thank you Gloryhoundd for a great stream!”

– Sarah Potter 

Director of Marketing at Forteller Games

“Gloryhoundd and team are producing some of the best live content on the web today. From their full gameplays to gaming news discussions, Their energy and engagement with viewers make them a treat to watch. Can’t recommend them enough.”

Chad Elkins

Owner 25th Century Games

“Gloryhoundd and DrGloryhog know how to engage an audience. Their play-throughs and game overviews are fun to watch, easy to follow, and give viewers a real feel for the game at hand. Their passion and excitement is contagious!”

-Curt Covert

Owner Smirk & Dagger Games

“Gloryhoundd embodies the feel of family game play I want to watch. I know when I tune in that I will see gamers who can expertly share instruction and strategy. More than that, they show how a game lets you be silly with your loved ones in the best way possible.”

-Julie Ahern

VP and COO at Greenbrier Games

GloryHoundd Productions

Committed to bringing entertaining and inclusive gaming to your company and table.

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