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Welcome to GloryHoundd Productions

We are a female-led production company that creates entertaining skits, engaging playthroughs, cinematic previews, company live streams, and unique product or lifestyle pictures.

Our specialty is in streaming content and engaging in social communities. Here at GloryHoundd Productions we feel creating community involvement is the single most important thing you can do for your game and we’re here to help!

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Company Services

Let us bring interactive streaming content to your company’s platform of choice without all the hassle of having to learn various platforms or having to purchase professional equipment. We collaborate with you to produce personalized videos or streams upon request.

Our Channel’s Services


We Record a Professional Preview Video
The video will highlight the theme, components, and mechanics of your game in 2-5 minutes. In a light and thematic tone. With event advertising on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


We Playthrough your Game
The playthrough will be a Livestream of your game for 45 minutes to an hour on YouTube. With event advertising on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


We Take Professional Photos
5+ professionally edited photos will be delivered via Dropbox. Along with full-frame raw photos with advertising on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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GloryHoundd Productions

Committed to bringing entertaining and inclusive gaming to your company and table.

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