Desert Sky Games Review

Desert Sky Games
2531 S. Gilbert Road. #106. Gilbert AZ, 85295
(602) 615-5214
Store Hours:
M-Th: 10am – 10pm
F: 10am – 12am
Sa: 10am – 10pm
Su: 10am – 6pm

First Impression: 

I’ve never been to desert sky games before as they’re relatively new to the valley. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how well they used their space. I want to say about 85% of the store was filled with gaming tables. Which was really nice compared to some other stores I’ve visited lately. There was also plenty of room to move around, so I didn’t have to awkwardly hit everyone’s chair backs just to get across the room. The staff was friendly and asked us if there was anything specific we needed. They didn’t have the specific game I was looking for however they ended up ordering it for me with no issues. They also had some sweet retro arcade games you could play for a quarter so I got to play Super Mario Bro’s with my daughter before we left. Overall I was impressed with the store except for the price of their MTG cards, however they redeemed themselves by having really great stock for all other cards.

What they’re equipped for

Gaming tables: They have 8+ gaming tables.
Store tournaments/events: You can check for store events on their website as they do run special game nights. They are also MTG Sanctioned so you can pick up your special cards and prizes here.
Gamer’s Stock on hand: They seem to be tailored specifically for Trading Card Games. They have lots of singles on hand and plenty of TCG goodies to accessorize your decks. They also had a decent selection of Tabletop games with most of the popular titles on hand.

Food policy/Snack Availability 

Store Policy on food: BYOS – Bring your own snacks
Types of Snacks Available: They had a medium-sized fridge with drinks and snacks available for purchase.
Price: Their prices were average on most of their games HOWEVER if you’re looking for TCG singles i suggest looking online first. Desert Sky charges the base price of a dollar for each card listed but if you need your cards in a hurry or you’re looking for a hard to find card they’ll probably have it on hand.


Ownership: I met one of the managers here and had great service.
Cashiers: Ethical! There was a $25 card sitting on the glass and the cashier wasn’t sure who’d left it, so he sat there and waited for the owner to come back and get it.
Other Gamers: Everyone here seemed really nice and one gamer even sparked up a conversation with us.


Store front: The store front is very clean and merchandise is easy to see and accessible. Which is great for looking at board games.
Male and Female restroom:  They have one restroom but it was very CLEAN and even smelled nice!

One comment

  1. I am compelled to write a response to this because I think people need to know where their money is going. While I very much enjoy the space at DSG, they will never get any of my money because of one of their managers/owners. Though very personable and a very good salesman, his lack of ethics are a problem for me.

    This man hired a girl to work there, but before her first day he cheated on his girlfriend with her. Needless to say, she couldn’t work there. He has repeatedly attempted to get her to sleep with him again.

    On a professional sense, I know a man who has store credit there and has asked this same manager to find a particular Magic card for him. He is repeatedly told that the manager is yet unable to find the card. The problem is the manager is not looking for the card. Why? Because he wants to sleep with the man girlfriend.

    It is my intent not to harm anyone in saying this, but to provide people knowledge to make an informed decision.

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