Pop Culture Paradise Tempe Review

Pop Culture Paradise Tempe
715 S. Forest Avenue. Tempe, AZ, 85281
(480) 557-6640
Store Hours:
M-Tu and Th-Sa: 11am – 10pm
W: 9am – 10pm
Su: 11am – 6pm

First Impression: 

Walking into Pop Culture is kind of like walking into a small cave. Immediately I felt claustrophobic and that remained an ongoing theme as I browsed through the store. Pop Culture’s Tempe location carries a little bit of everything. I saw shirts, toy collectibles, comics, board games, RPGs, and the basic TCG’s here. However I felt like they weren’t really strong in any single category but don’t get me wrong that doesn’t mean I won’t go there again. I feel like the store just needs a good reorganization and direction. Otherwise their staff was very friendly and you can order most anything you need here. In fact I’ve ordered several comics from them in the past and had great service.

What they’re equipped for

Gaming tables: There were about 7-8 gaming tables on one side of the store and when they do larger magic events they move the comics and other merchandise to add more tables to the center of the room.
Store tournaments/events: You can check for store web site for their calendar of events. They are also MTG Sanctioned. So you can get all your special cards and prizes here.
Gamer’s Stock on hand: This is more of a comic and collectible shop, who also does magic on the side. So you won’t find a huge selection of board games or cards for trading. I recommend calling ahead if you’re looking for something specific.

Food policy/Snack Availability 

Store Policy on food: BYOS -Bring your own snacks
Types of Snacks Available: They had a small fridge stocked full of drinks and snacks for purchase.
Price: Their prices were very competitive and reasonable.


Ownership: Marco is a pretty cool guy. Sometimes he even comes down to their events to play.
Cashiers: The cashier was really nice and helpful. Every time I’ve visited here the people are always friendly and ready to talk to you about anything.
Other Gamers: The gamers here pretty much kept to themselves and it was actually pretty calm and quiet.


Store front: This store front really is crowded and their merchandise is really poorly placed.
Male and Female restroom: They have one available however you have to climb past the hallway of clutter to get to it and it was your standard game store bathroom.

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