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Desert Sky Games, what happened?

Once upon a time Desert Sky Games, in Gilbert, AZ, was  a  hub for Magic the Gathering players. They focused on having the best supported games, turnouts and merchandise. However over the recent months I’ve been hearing some really weird things. From the disgruntled recounts of their reduced MTG table space. To the constant reorganizing/merchandising of the store. For the most part I’ve dismissed these recounts but I never truly expected the most recent and depressing article on DSG’s Blog spot.

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Born of the Gods Pre-release

Magic the Gathering’s Born of the Gods Pre-release is this week and with the new Theros expansion comes a few new games mechanics.

Inspire – A creature’s inspired ability triggers every time the creature becomes untapped. That’s normally at the start of your turn, but an inspired ability triggers no matter how or when the creature untaps. If multiple inspired abilities you control go on the stack at the same time, you get to decide in what order to put them on the stack. (The last one you add to the stack will resolve first, as usual.)

Tribute – A creature with a tribute ability offers your opponent a choice as the card enters the battlefield. You choose an opponent and that opponent decides whether to “pay tribute” by having the card enter the battlefield with two +x/+x counters on it. If he or she does, then that’s it—you’ve got a bigger Monster. If he or she decides not to pay tribute, then the card enters-the-battlefield and it’s ability triggered instead. Either way, it’s good for you.

Heroic – A heroic ability triggers whenever you cast any spell that targets the heroic creature, including a spell that also targets another creature. If a spell targets multiple creatures with heroic abilities, all of them trigger. Activated abilities, such as equip, do not cause heroic abilities to trigger, nor do triggered abilities. An instant or sorcery spell has a target if it includes the word “target” in its rules text. Each Aura spell also has a target, indicated by its enchant ability. Creature spells and other permanent spells (except for Auras) never have targets. A heroic ability triggers only when the creature’s controller casts a spell that targets it, not when any other player does

I’ve also list the stores in the East Valley that have planned events. All the events listed below are scheduled for February 1st and 2nd. Keep in mind these events are with sealed decks so remember to arrive ahead of time for deck building.

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Desert Sky Games Review

Desert Sky Games
2531 S. Gilbert Road. #106. Gilbert AZ, 85295
(602) 615-5214
Store Hours:
M-Th: 10am – 10pm
F: 10am – 12am
Sa: 10am – 10pm
Su: 10am – 6pm

First Impression: 

I’ve never been to desert sky games before as they’re relatively new to the valley. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how well they used their space. I want to say about 85% of the store was filled with gaming tables. Which was really nice compared to some other stores I’ve visited lately. There was also plenty of room to move around, so I didn’t have to awkwardly hit everyone’s chair backs just to get across the room. The staff was friendly and asked us if there was anything specific we needed. They didn’t have the specific game I was looking for however they ended up ordering it for me with no issues. They also had some sweet retro arcade games you could play for a quarter so I got to play Super Mario Bro’s with my daughter before we left. Overall I was impressed with the store except for the price of their MTG cards, however they redeemed themselves by having really great stock for all other cards.

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