Zombies, Run! S1-M2

zombies runSeason One, Mission Two. COMPLETE!

I spent most of this run doing two very important things. The first was contemplating exactly when the zombies were going to start chasing me. Since I was recovering from my panic filled adrenaline run from the night before I was trying to reserve some of my energy but the anticipation of a zombie chase was becoming maddening. I ran through the streets bordering on paranoia as the start of each song triggered an impending drop of my stomach and gasp of my breath. I knew zombies were spawning just around the corner. No wait, maybe now? Um…. Now? I began to feel like a retriever waiting for some taunting asshole to throw my ball as he continually faked the toss. Yeah you jerk-face, throw the damn ball before I have a heart attack from my frolicking anticipation! Half way through my run I finally had to give up on the zombies, thinking maybe the chases were more spontaneous.

The second very important thing was concerning how I was carrying so much stuff. Especially after I picked up that second ax, I could only envision myself running down the street with my arms full of axes and underwear. I imagine it would be much like trying to carry the laundry back to your room and dropping that ill-fated sock along the way. Then you have to strategically lean down to pick it up when, oops, a box of 9mm ammo falls out. With each item I collected the vision became much more comical and I couldn’t help snickering at the balancing act. Soon my run was over and I decided like any good RPG, I was probably issued a standard bag of holding at Able Township.

Mission Review: I enjoyed this mission however for some reason I did not have the zombie chases selected. So it was very disappointing when I got to the end of my run and realized that I was just dumb. In the future I will double check that I have this feature selected for each run.

Base Building Note: Make sure to focus all your resources on building a hospital first. I made the mistake of putting up other buildings and now I’m stuck expanding my base until I can fit the hospital in.

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