Gamers Inn Review

Gamers Inn
1232 East Southern Avenue. Mesa AZ, 85204
(480)-507-0509 or (602) 531- 5275 for afterhours pick-up
Store Hours:
M – W: Closed
TH: 3pm – 12am
F-Sa: 12pm – 2am
Su: 12pm – 10pm

First Impression: 

Gamer’s Inn is a far cry from what it used to be but that doesn’t mean it deserves all the negative reviews I’ve seen on the web. From what I’ve been told, the owner has moved most of their sales to their internet based store. So they simply don’t offer the same products they used to and they have changed their store front to reflect that.  In short Gamer’s Inn is no longer mecca for Pen and Paper gamer’s but a hub for Magic the Gathering and Warhammer.

What they’re equipped for

Gaming tables: I saw two taller Warhammer style tables and about 6 folding tables. They also had folding tables stacked against the wall. Which I assume are for busier nights.
Store tournaments/events: You can check out the store’s events page for details but they are a MTG sanctioned store.
Gamer’s Stock on hand:  Most of their stock is based around Magic the Gathering and Warhammer. I saw only a couple of table top games behind some glass and a few munchkin items hanging on the wall.

Food policy/Snack Availability 

Store Policy on food: BYOS or Purchase at the store.
Types of Snacks Available: They have some snacks available but nothing like they used to.
Price: Their prices were average.


Ownership: I’ve never met the stores owner.
Cashiers: Despite the reviews I’ve read the cashier was very friendly. When I approached he immediately stopped his conversation and asked if I needed any help. I declined and looked around the store. After my eyes were satisfied I came back and he kindly stopped his conversation again. Then he took the time to answer all my questions on the MTG pre-release coming up and even looked up some specific dates I needed.
Other Gamers: Nothing to report here. Everything seemed pretty normal and calm for a game store.


Store front: The store front is in some disrepair. Hell to be honest the whole complex really needs a face-lift. However beyond the anesthetic repairs nothing seemed dirty. All the merchandise was in pristine condition and displayed orderly along the wall and behind the cashier.
Male and Female restroom:  Unknown (Will report back once I see it.)

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