Game Depot Review

Game Depot
3136 S. McClintock Drive. Tempe AZ, 85282
Store Hours:
M-T & F-Sa: 10am – 7pm
W: 10am – 8pm
Th: 10am – 9pm
Su: 12pm – 6pm

First Impression: 

I called down to Game Depot expecting them not to have the games i was looking for. However to my surprise they had both games in stock. I said thank you and then waited until my shift was over to run down there. I picked out several games and went up to the cashier, David. He asked me about a few of the expansions i had picked up, insuring i already had the originals before i bought them. He also asked if i was the one who called on the phone earlier this morning  and than apologized for one of the games i had asked about being out of stock. He said that another person had come in and picked it up before i got there and next time i call down i should ask them to put it on hold for me. Over all my visit was a kind and informative one.

What they’re equipped for

Gaming tables: They have 8 gaming tables however i would assume on a MTG night’s they would not have any room for other games.
Store tournaments/events: You can check for store events on their Facebook page as they do run special game nights. They are also MTG Sanctioned so you can get your special cards and prizes here.
Gamer’s Stock on hand: You name it they’ve probably got it! They’re well stocked with not only popular games but unique ones too. Table top games, Role-Playing games, Card games and games with figurines like Warhammer and hero clicks. Just pick your poison and come on down.

Food policy/Snack Availability 

Store Policy on food: BYOS -Bring your own snacks
Types of Snacks Available: None.
Price: Their prices were average on most of their games although i saw a few table top games that were a dollar or two above amazon’s pricing  however its worth it in my opinion. You can run in and grab a new game rather than having to wait for shipping. Also i personally like looking at the game boxes in hand before purchasing.


Ownership: I’ve met Patty before this visit and she’s lovely. She and David were very patient when my 2-year-old went in to pick out her first dice.
Cashiers: The cashiers/owners here go above and beyond in service!
Other Gamers: I haven’t had any problems with the other gamers here although i would like to update this after I’ve done a Friday night magic game.


Store front: The store front is ALWAYS clean and merchandise is easy to see. Whether it be behind the desk or displayed on a shelf.
Male and Female restroom:  A CLEAN restroom!

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