What Makes a Great FLGS?

I visit plenty of Friendly Local Game Stores around the valley and there are a select few that really stick out, they go above and beyond what the others do and I really wonder why some games stores are missing the mark.

So without further ado this is what makes a FLGS great!

Area to Splay
If you build tables, they will come. Seriously gamers need some room and I’m not making a joke here. Like we really need some room. Games take up a lot of table space and usually we end up bringing more than one. Plus pencils, pens, dice and perhaps a small meal. Honestly I’m really surprised I don’t see more stores with cubby shelves in the gaming area. Then players can store their game boxes off the ground but still in sight. Personally If I know space is going to be limited at an event I usually don’t go. There’s nothing worse than having to scrap your plans because there’s no room left to play.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Sales Staff
That’s right I said sales staff. I want to know why I should be buying this game, item or shirt and how it preforms. I’m truly interested in you finding out my deepest gaming desires and then suggesting what I need to make my board game closet complete. Really this is probably the only time I ever enjoy talking to sales staff but game stores can be pretty intimidating without some friendly faces guiding you along. Especially if you’re newer to gaming industry. Swoop in there people ask us what we like to play, give us recommendations!

Event’s and Announcements
This is my biggest pet peeve ever! If you’re not using free social media to market your store and post events, then you’re doing it wrong! I personally don’t want to call down to a store for an event time or be virtually stood up on a game day because my event wasn’t announced to the public. I know game stores like using whiteboard calendars at their store but that is a thing of the past. Seriously all you have to do is take a picture of that prehistoric whiteboard and then post it to this fancy thing called “The Internet”. Or if you want to get really spiffy you can update your webpage! It’s amazing and really worth the work you have to put into it.

Cool Stuff to Buy
I recently bought a ridiculous Narwhal from a game store just because he looked angry and I thought I could throw it like a dart across the room to impale someone. Granted you don’t have to have a ton of extra stuff but some T-Shirts or under five dollar items would be awesome. I personally try not to leave a store without showing some cash support and it’s much easier to buy something small if I can’t buy a large game at the time.

I can never say this enough. Just have a clean bathroom that works. With toilet seat that is intact and some of those little paper butt covers. Also please for the love of god stock it with toilet paper.

What makes your FLGS so great?

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