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Teaching Board Games to our Youth (Part 1)

I’m assuming that by your interest in this article, most of you already have your own home-brewed Player 3? Maybe even a fourth or fifth little spawn to fulfill all those board game requirements? At least that was my plan until Continue reading Teaching Board Games to our Youth (Part 1)


Your Child Can Play Any Game

Lately I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my child playing board games at such a young age. I hear a lot of people saying “my kid runs off with all the pieces”  or “my child is too hyper to play” and “they get frustrated too easily”. Which are all valid concerns and completely normal for children when they’re starting out.

My child didn’t come out of the womb with a pair of D6 and comprehensive instruction booklet. Like any normal kid she pretty much tears through the house like a giant ferret on crack but if you take a little time and effort to cultivate the necessary skills; your kid can play any board game. So before you start the process, as a family you need to sit down and decided what age your child’s gaming experience will start. Ours started at 2 years old and I’m sure you’re asking me “why such a young age?”. Our goal wasn’t to make a gaming minion (well actually, it kind of was a requirement we needed to fill for all 3 player games) but it was the age she started to show interest in gaming and that’s the most important indicator on when to start. Now that you’ve decided if your child is interested in gaming, what’s next? Continue reading Your Child Can Play Any Game

Stop Setting Up Your Game!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is setting up a game for your players. I know that some of you are thinking I just wrote the worst statement in board game history, after all new players don’t know how to set up the game! They haven’t even read the instructions! By god and they could put something where it doesn’t belong!

Now take a moment to stop, breathe in and gently put down that copy of Dead of Winter your cradling because Continue reading Stop Setting Up Your Game!

How to Demo a Game

Whether you’re teaching a game to your friends or doing a professional demonstration, how you teach a game can lead your players into gaming bliss or frustrated  failure.

This has become exceedingly clear to me after sitting through several demos and leaving disappointed in what I thought would be a good game. To be honest demoing a game can be hard sometimes. You can be nervous or have a super rowdy crowd. You could be showing a game to people who have never seen a board game before and  seriously even some instruction booklets get these simple steps wrong.

So I’ve devised a quick reference to help everyone out.

How to  Demo a Game… better!

Continue reading How to Demo a Game