We held a Munchkin-A-Thon this weekend for International Tabletop Day. Where we played nine consecutive hours of every type of Munchkin ever created! It was by far one of the most energetic and fun game days I’ve supported and I hope to do another Munchkin-A-Thon in the future.

So how did we do nine hours of Munchkin?

  • We had a knowledgeable Munchkin or MIB help run the game.
  • We encouraged Munchkins to get up from the table at any time. Leaving their cards behind for the next Munchkin in waiting.
  • We encouraged Veteran Munchkins to stick around and help new Munchkins at the table.
  • We had snacks handy for the LONG event.
  • We held a raffle, supplying tickets to anyone who stepped in to play. No matter how long they stayed.
  • We had another table available for Munchkins to play on, if we collected 5-6 Munchkins in waiting.

Over all the Munchkin-A-Thon was a huge success giving players the ability to sample games for just a bit or play a game they’ve always wanted to see in action.


  1. For ITTD we wanted to accommodate as many players as possible. So we ran two games continuously and then picked a different core set each time a new game would start. All of my core sets contain all the expansions and lots of promotional cards so it seemed like everyone got to see something new.

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