GURPS Basic Set Giveaway!

Valley of the Sun RPG Meetup has reached 200 True Believers in just over a year! That’s super awesome considering all the drama that was associated with the Meetup’s move and the people who tried to sabotage the group within the first few months!

However, before I get into the promised goodies.  I wanted to give a big thank you to everyone that made this possible! I’m giving a big thanks to the Event Organizers who have been super great and have put a ton of work into keeping the events functioning. I would also like to thank the Founding Members of this Meetup, they’ve  put a lot of work into new site and  have got everything running seamlessly! Last but not least  I would like to thank the good man that pays for all this to happen, Scare Bear Barry for keeping our gaming awesome and free of charge for everyone!

So as promised per the 200th member, I’ll be giving away a GURPS Basic Set: Characters Book. This Hard cover book was chosen by the True Believers in the Meetup’s Poll’s.

For those of you who haven’t played GURPS, it’s a Generic Universal Role Playing System, which means you can makeany champagne in any setting and play with the same set of rules. You can get more information, on where to find character sheets and other books at Warehouse 23!

So down to the business.  How do you win this lovely prize?


Step 1.) You must be a Valley of the Sun RPG Meetup Member (A True Believer)

Step 2.) You Must RSVP to the Tabletop Happy Hour Event on July 25th, 2014.

Step 3.) You must personally attend the event and give me a high five!

Further instructions on how a winner will be selected will be presented at the event!

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