Top Ten Reasons to go to Phoenix Comicon 2014

Are you ready for some games, comics and drama? I know I am! In fact this will be my first year working at Phoenix Comicon and I’m excited to meet all the new people associated with the Con. I’m also interested to see what the full four day experience is all about.

For those of you who haven’t been to Phoenix Comicon,  I always encourage you to go and check out the event. It’s not all about geeks and comics anymore. There are celebrities from mainstream TV shows, authors, game tournaments and so much more!

Here are my personal top ten reasons to go:

10.)  Pick up an authentic piece of art!
That’s right, artists from all over will be at Comicon to sell their artwork and I’m not talking about just prints. These people actually spend their time at the Con doing personal requests and also have original pieces of art for sale. So if you’re looking for a new piece or always wanted to be drawn as Thor wielding his giant hammer, then this is the place to be.

9.)  Buy some handmade gifts.
The other great thing about Phoenix Comicon is the amount of geeky gear for sale. If you like Dr Who, Zombies, Firefly, Superheros or Games then is the prime place to buy yourself a light saber. Or perhaps you want to try on Jayne’s Hat to make sure you look Cunning before you purchase. Also, not all of the gear here will be seen all over the world. There will be lots handmade and one of a kind items too.

8.) Pictures!
The pictures are probably one of my favorite parts of the Phoenix Comicon. Like last year they had several Star Wars sets put up and primed for picture mayhem. You also have tons of great cosplayers roaming around the grounds. So if you ask them nicely, they might stop to pose with you for a picture. Believe me, there’s no place else you can get your picture with the Old Spice guy dressed as a Mandalorian.

7.) Meet some celebrities.
Ever wanted to meet Stan Lee in person? How about Bruce Campbell? Or, Arrow star, Stephen Amell? Maybe even the dastardly Walking Dead cast member Michael Rooker? Now is the time to do it! You can get autographs and pictures with these people or if you’re really lucky you might just meet them in passing on the con floor.

6.) Try out some new games.
Are you interested in a few games and want to try them out? Well you’re in luck because Phoenix Comicon hosts a plethora of games with people there to teach you how to play! If you have a favorite game this is a great place to challenge your skills because they also offer tournament schedules for certain games.

5.) Learn to DIY.
Are you interested in writing your own book? How about learning to make your own costume for cosplay? Here you’ll get to meet with skilled professionals and ask them lots of questions about how they do their business. There are opportunities to participate in workshops andlearn how to build your own geekery.

4.) Party like a superhero.
Or maybe a zombie?? Phoenix Comicon has plenty of after hours parties. Just be careful as most of these are 18+.

3.) Win prizes!
That’s right! If you participate in a Con tournament or event you have the chance to win some awesome stuff. I mean, free is free, right?

2.) Meet people with the same interests.
Phoenix Comicon is an amazing place to meet people with the same interests as you and it really helps out with networking. Anything from scouting for new players for your RPG or starting up armor building as a hobby.  You can swap information people or find vendors that can offer you what you need to succeed.

And…. my Number one reason to go to Phoenix Comicon is… you’ll have way more fun than you think!  Honestly, you don’t have to be a kid or a geek to really enjoy this event. It’s four days filled with enough programming and events to make the most mainstream newb take notice. Once you actually get there you’ll realize there’s so much do to, it will be very hard to catch all the events you want to go to. If you’re interested in learning more about the event and programming check out

If you’re a seasoned Phoenix Comicon Veteran I would like to know what’s your favorite thing to do there? Share your comments below!



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