X-Men: Days of Future Past

The newest installment of Fox’s X-Men franchise is the Days of Future Past which encompasses the entire X-Men movieverse including Wolverine’s origin movies.  With most movies you can get away with not watching a few of the older ones but when watching Days of Future past I really feel like you need some serious mutant knowledge in order to fully  enjoy this film. The plot line is intricate and refers back to several previous movies and/or comics.

What I expected from this move was an action packed film filled with mutant battles and an angst ridden Wolverine. However what I actually saw was drastically different. Instead they sacrificed  the impressive displays of CGI with an actual story! What? A fantastic and in-depth story you say? That’s right, they’ve taken the mood of X-Men: First Class and built upon it.  Not only making these characters seem more realistic but moving them into our own universe by referencing them with real life events.

As most of you can already tell I enjoyed this film and all the potential for future films. It brings to the X-Men Franchise  some key characters from the earlier X-Men films. Hopefully they will continue this trend and we’ll find some really fun characters in the future (like Deadpool!) Speaking of new mutants, I enjoyed the debut of Quicksilver but his quick departure has me yearning for more screen time with him in the future.  He not only became the comic relief of the movie but showed a little realism on how some people might use these mutant abilities in the real world.

I give this movie a solid 4.5 out of five stars but keep in mind this rating is for those who have either seen the X-Men films or have read the comics as an uninformed movie goer might not appreciate the story line and references making this a much blander film when you can’t geek out over the details.

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