MaricopaCon 2014 Kickstarter

Arizona’s Grassroots gaming convention MaricopaCon is returning to the Valley of the Sun for 2014.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you live in Phoenix, Arizona you have the rare opportunity to visit a convention specifically based on a fantastic gaming experience. That means you’ll be able to chuck dice, toss cards and mercilessly pulverize your friends to your heart’s desire for two whole days of unrequited gaming bliss. Organizer Jason Youngdale has brought together several groups around the valley such as the Arizona Men In Black, Adventures Under the Laughing Moon, Time Renegades, UAG, and the Catalyst Game Labs Demo Team. They’ll bring you a heaping array of board game demos, RPG and even miniature war gaming.

As far as I know, you can ONLY purchase tickets by pledging to fund the event on Kickstarter. Pledges of $25 will purchase you one ticket to the event and you will receive a hand-made badge for the convention, a wooden dragon meeple AND a random wooden meeple from Gamelyn Games.

ONLY Kickstarter pledges will receive tickets to this event and it will not open to the rest of the public after the Kickstarter campaign ends. So if you’re interested in going make sure to secure your $25 pledge for the Kickstarter as soon as possible.

Estimated Event Date: August 2-3 2014

Estimated Event Location: Mesa Convention Center

Check out MaricopaCon’s website or Kickstarter for more information on purchasing tickets to this event. 


  1. It’s been announced that they will be offering tickets at the door for $40. However if you join the Kickstarter you will get your ticket for $25 and you will also get a pair of custom D6.

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