Top Ten Reasons to go to Phoenix Comicon 2014

Are you ready for some games, comics and drama? I know I am! In fact this will be my first year working at Phoenix Comicon and I’m excited to meet all the new people associated with the Con. I’m also interested to see what the full four day experience is all about.

For those of you who haven’t been to Phoenix Comicon,  I always encourage you to go and check out the event. It’s not all about geeks and comics anymore. There are celebrities from mainstream TV shows, authors, game tournaments and so much more!

Here are my personal top ten reasons to go:

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X-Men: Days of Future Past

The newest installment of Fox’s X-Men franchise is the Days of Future Past which encompasses the entire X-Men movieverse including Wolverine’s origin movies.  With most movies you can get away with not watching a few of the older ones but when watching Days of Future past I really feel like you need some serious mutant knowledge in order to fully  enjoy this film. The plot line is intricate and refers back to several previous movies and/or comics.
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Maleficent, Evil never looked so Good

Maleficent is a live action take on Disney’s Sleeping Beauty seen through the eyes of the beautiful villainess Maleficent giving us a stunning and unique perspective on the 1950’s Disney classic. Maleficent has always been one of my favorite Disney characters as there was always something really awesome about her being able to turn into a dragon and trying to defeat the heroes. I mean, who doesn’t like dragons, right?

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The Lego Movie, was Everything Awesome?

With all the franchising Lego has done with games and TV media, going  to the big screen was the next obvious step. What took them so long? I think they really took the time to go the extra mile here and make everything awesome. This movie decidedly sparks my ambitions to go to Lego Land this summer.

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