MaricopaCon 2014 Kickstarter

Arizona’s Grassroots gaming convention MaricopaCon is returning to the Valley of the Sun for 2014.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you live in Phoenix, Arizona you have the rare opportunity to visit a convention specifically based on a fantastic gaming experience. That means you’ll be able to chuck dice, toss cards and mercilessly pulverize your friends to your heart’s desire for two whole days of unrequited gaming bliss. Organizer Jason Youngdale has brought together several groups around the valley such as the Arizona Men In Black, Adventures Under the Laughing Moon, Time Renegades, UAG, and the Catalyst Game Labs Demo Team. They’ll bring you a heaping array of board game demos, RPG and even miniature war gaming. Continue reading MaricopaCon 2014 Kickstarter


Gotham City Comics Review

Gotham City Comics & Coffee
46 W. Main Street. Mesa AZ, 85201
(480) 649-3065
Store Hours:
M-Th: 11am – 9pm
F: 11am – 11pm
Sa: 11am – 11pm
Su: 11am – 6pm

First Impression: 

I would say this is more a Comic store than anything else. However, it’s a comic store that serves LATTES AND GAMES ON THE SIDE! Seriously, whoever came up with this idea was a complete genius. This is the store I’ve been dreaming of all my life!!! They have cushy couches in the front and then about midway through the store they have their neatly organized comic collection. Once you get to the back of the store you’ll see the area for gaming and watching films. I seriously can’t get over what they’ve done with the space in this store. It’s open and inviting, yet much like a Transformer it can be morphed into what the store needs. Dr. Who night?? Sure! Just arrange the couches. MTG night??? Clear the couches and add the tables.

So if you haven’t been to Gotham City (Ha! That will never get old) before you should visit them soon.

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Hunger Games Catching Fire Review

To be honest I liked Hunger Games enough to own the first movie however the extent of my fandom stopped there. To me it was another cool action flick with slight undertones of government control and the faintest hint of a future uprising. However The Hunger Games “Catching Fire” has properly succeeded in lighting my curiosity and bringing me on the journey into the depths of Katniss’ paranoia.

For the rest of my review please  click here to visit the D20 Girls Magazine Website.

The 6 Types of Gamers

The gaming community has grown exponentially over the years, especially with the sudden spotlight on geek culture with popular TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and the myriad of comic book films hitting the big screen. The awesome part of all this is that more people are taking a jump down the rabbit hole of gaming, comics and overall nerdiness. With this new surge of fresh blood in the gaming community I’ve deemed the term “Gamer” no longer specific enough to describe such a large dynamic group. So I’ve taken it upon myself to classify our hierarchy into six distinct categories. So I’ll start with the loneliest of gamer.

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Steve Jackson MIB!

It’s official! I’ve become a new member of the Men in Black team of Phoenix!  What does that mean? Why thank you for asking!

Men in Black is a volunteer based demonstration team for Steve Jackson Games. So I’ll be traveling around the valley of the sun showing people how to play games at stores and conventions. I might also put up few “How to play” guides for their games on my website.  At the very least I’m hoping to get out there and play more games!

In Glory we Trust