Tiny Epic Kingdoms!

Tiny Epic Kingdoms is the the pocket sized game that plays like a big box Euro game.

The very idea of this pretty much blew my mind as I envisioned strategic brawls taking place at the local watering hole. That’s right, I play games at local bar and not having to lug in a gigantic box of nerdgasm to a neutral social setting was highly appealing to me.  Also, I was intrigued by the game play and the quality of the game pieces that were packed into such a tiny box. After all, the base price of this game is only $16.

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Born of the Gods Pre-release

Magic the Gathering’s Born of the Gods Pre-release is this week and with the new Theros expansion comes a few new games mechanics.

Inspire – A creature’s inspired ability triggers every time the creature becomes untapped. That’s normally at the start of your turn, but an inspired ability triggers no matter how or when the creature untaps. If multiple inspired abilities you control go on the stack at the same time, you get to decide in what order to put them on the stack. (The last one you add to the stack will resolve first, as usual.)

Tribute – A creature with a tribute ability offers your opponent a choice as the card enters the battlefield. You choose an opponent and that opponent decides whether to “pay tribute” by having the card enter the battlefield with two +x/+x counters on it. If he or she does, then that’s it—you’ve got a bigger Monster. If he or she decides not to pay tribute, then the card enters-the-battlefield and it’s ability triggered instead. Either way, it’s good for you.

Heroic – A heroic ability triggers whenever you cast any spell that targets the heroic creature, including a spell that also targets another creature. If a spell targets multiple creatures with heroic abilities, all of them trigger. Activated abilities, such as equip, do not cause heroic abilities to trigger, nor do triggered abilities. An instant or sorcery spell has a target if it includes the word “target” in its rules text. Each Aura spell also has a target, indicated by its enchant ability. Creature spells and other permanent spells (except for Auras) never have targets. A heroic ability triggers only when the creature’s controller casts a spell that targets it, not when any other player does

I’ve also list the stores in the East Valley that have planned events. All the events listed below are scheduled for February 1st and 2nd. Keep in mind these events are with sealed decks so remember to arrive ahead of time for deck building.

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MaricopaCon 2014 Kickstarter

Arizona’s Grassroots gaming convention MaricopaCon is returning to the Valley of the Sun for 2014.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you live in Phoenix, Arizona you have the rare opportunity to visit a convention specifically based on a fantastic gaming experience. That means you’ll be able to chuck dice, toss cards and mercilessly pulverize your friends to your heart’s desire for two whole days of unrequited gaming bliss. Organizer Jason Youngdale has brought together several groups around the valley such as the Arizona Men In Black, Adventures Under the Laughing Moon, Time Renegades, UAG, and the Catalyst Game Labs Demo Team. They’ll bring you a heaping array of board game demos, RPG and even miniature war gaming. Continue reading MaricopaCon 2014 Kickstarter

Gotham City Comics Review

Gotham City Comics & Coffee
46 W. Main Street. Mesa AZ, 85201
(480) 649-3065
Store Hours:
M-Th: 11am – 9pm
F: 11am – 11pm
Sa: 11am – 11pm
Su: 11am – 6pm

First Impression: 

I would say this is more a Comic store than anything else. However, it’s a comic store that serves LATTES AND GAMES ON THE SIDE! Seriously, whoever came up with this idea was a complete genius. This is the store I’ve been dreaming of all my life!!! They have cushy couches in the front and then about midway through the store they have their neatly organized comic collection. Once you get to the back of the store you’ll see the area for gaming and watching films. I seriously can’t get over what they’ve done with the space in this store. It’s open and inviting, yet much like a Transformer it can be morphed into what the store needs. Dr. Who night?? Sure! Just arrange the couches. MTG night??? Clear the couches and add the tables.

So if you haven’t been to Gotham City (Ha! That will never get old) before you should visit them soon.

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Hunger Games Catching Fire Review

To be honest I liked Hunger Games enough to own the first movie however the extent of my fandom stopped there. To me it was another cool action flick with slight undertones of government control and the faintest hint of a future uprising. However The Hunger Games “Catching Fire” has properly succeeded in lighting my curiosity and bringing me on the journey into the depths of Katniss’ paranoia.

For the rest of my review please  click here to visit the D20 Girls Magazine Website.

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