What is Valley of the Sun Meetup?

I bet a lot of you are wondering what Valley of the Sun Meetup is, especially since I have it plastered all over the side of my blog. Those of you who haven’t visited the site yet are really missing out on the opportunity to promote your own games and to find others around Phoenix. No gimmicks or people trying to sell you stuff here.

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RoboCop 2014 Movie Review

As a kid I loved  RoboCop and as an adult I appreciate looking back at the original film as I’m a huge fan of claymation and nostalgia associated with gems of that era. The little kid inside of me  rejoiced when I heard there was going to be a RoboCop remake but then the adult inside of me took a step back and cried like  a little baby.

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Geek Conventions and their Dirty Secrets

I attended Dark Con in January and was surprised to see so many gaming tables not being utilized to their fullest potential. Then it dawned on me, maybe the average Joe isn’t aware of the greatness that’s out here? Perhaps the lure of people dressed as Steampunk cowboys or Anime superheros isn’t your thing? Maybe you think a whole convention devoted to zombie dinosaurs is just to “nerdy” for you.

Well,  you’ve been kept in the dark about the secret happening at these conventions all your life.
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Empire Games Review

Empire Games
1766 S. Greenfield Road. Suite 102. Mesa, AZ 85206
(480) 813-1525
Store Hours:
M-Sa: 11am – 12am
Su: 11am – 9pm

First Impression: 

This store is big and open, which I love. It also has plenty of space for gaming and tons of tables for miniature gaming. Truly, my heart was hoping that this was the store for me! However, as I hung around I realized, although this was an amazing store, it was not my crowd. The people here were friendly but none seemed interested in playing my board game and they remained standoffish with me. If miniatures are your game of choice then this store is probably for you.

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In Glory we Trust