Choose your Gaming Poison, Part 1

I was talking with a fellow Meetup  member this weekend and he asked me,  “What  is the best store to host an RPG at?” I couldn’t help but smile and nod back to him as I fully understood his frustration. We were sitting  in the middle of a store that was hosting MTG Grand Prix qualifier event and we had to shout at each other just to carry on our conversation over the attendees.

It also made me realize that not everyone knows how to pick the right game store for their events. This can really make or break your game. Not all game stores are created equal and I’m going to show you exactly how to evaluate each for your gaming pleasure.

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The Legend of the Table Toss

It’s time for some of that gaming drama you’ve all been waiting for! That’s right my friends, gaming is a social event and with social events comes lots of in-house squabbles, hurt feelings and dramatic exits. The story I’m telling you today is an actual event I saw take place. The names have been changed to protect the people involved and to create a much better story on paper.

This is the story of a boy named Link in:

The Legend of the Table Toss.

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5 Things Girls Should Know About Gaming

Woman get a bad rap in the gaming world. They start out as “that one guy’s girlfriend” or perhaps the “tag along female who doesn’t know what she’s doing” or maybe if you’re really good at slaughtering people you become a legendary unicorn of the gaming world.

Fear no longer, for I have put together five steadfast rules to live by when navigating the untamed jungles of the gaming utopia. Don’t  let the world of gaming intimidate you again!

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What is Valley of the Sun Meetup?

I bet a lot of you are wondering what Valley of the Sun Meetup is, especially since I have it plastered all over the side of my blog. Those of you who haven’t visited the site yet are really missing out on the opportunity to promote your own games and to find others around Phoenix. No gimmicks or people trying to sell you stuff here.

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RoboCop 2014 Movie Review

As a kid I loved  RoboCop and as an adult I appreciate looking back at the original film as I’m a huge fan of claymation and nostalgia associated with gems of that era. The little kid inside of me  rejoiced when I heard there was going to be a RoboCop remake but then the adult inside of me took a step back and cried like  a little baby.

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