Choose your Gaming Poison Part 2

So, you’ve already identified your local game store’s specialty. This is really important as it will  play an intricate part in how busy the store is and what types of gamers like to hang out there. So what’s the secret to a successful game site with the right type of players?

First thing most people might do is look for the store’s events online. This really seems like a no brainier with the internet available. However 9 times out of 10 stores events aren’t even posted or the information for the events is inaccurate. 

I’m not really sure why most game/comic stores aren’t using this asset to their fullest advantage but they seem to opt for a dry erase board located inside the store instead. Which usually doesn’t encompass everything they offer so you might need to check with the staff about individual events. This is seriously a pain in the ass but its better then showing up for a tournament late and not getting to play.

Generally speaking though, here’s an idea of what stores will be offering events during the week.

Monday –
Tuesday –
Wednesday – BUSY COMIC STORES (New Comic Wednesdays)
Thursday –
Friday – BUSY TCG STORES (Friday Night Magic)
Sunday –

So, what else can you do if you’re looking for space?

Sometimes you can ask a game store if they’ll reserve a table for your gaming party. Not every store does it but if they see you there consistently with a group of gamers even the most stubborn might make an acceptation and save you a little space.

For the more timid gamer you can always do some store stalking too. This lets you know what days are the busiest for your local store.

When all else fails you still have gaming options! 

Coffee Stores make good gaming places for small groups. Plus you have snacks and drinks available.

The Park actually makes a great gaming place when the weather is right!

Some places like Gangplank also offer space for anyone who needs it.

Last but not least is your own house. This isn’t my first recommendation when looking for new players. However, if you have a stable and friendly group sometimes this is the best option.

Do you game at in a unique environment? If so tell us where in the comments below!

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