What is Valley of the Sun Meetup?

I bet a lot of you are wondering what Valley of the Sun Meetup is, especially since I have it plastered all over the side of my blog. Those of you who haven’t visited the site yet are really missing out on the opportunity to promote your own games and to find others around Phoenix. No gimmicks or people trying to sell you stuff here.

Valley of the Sun RPG Meetup is a gaming group based out of Phoenix, Arizona which specializes in RPGs. They also promote board gaming, Magic the Gathering and other Geeky events around the valley. The best part of the  group is that it is FREE TO JOIN! That’s right, the organization was founded and is run by fellow gamers who believe finding people to game with should be fun and remain free for everyone.

What are all the benefits for joining?

Promote Your Own Games – Did you just get the latest D&D book and are looking for fellow adventurers to share in your enthusiasm and venture through your story? Well you’re in luck, our ever expanding database of gamers reaches across the Phoenix area. We also take the time to highlight new games in a quarterly email sent to everyone on the Meetup site. This will help make sure your event gets maximum exposure for maximum gaming.

Find New Gaming Groups – Perhaps you’re looking to play a game before you buy it or to find a few people in your area to spend an afternoon of blissful dice chucking. Here you’ll find a plethora of game events ranging throughout the week as we highlight local game store events, tournaments and family friendly games.

Meet up for Geeky Events – This definitely sets us apart from other valley gaming groups and it’s something our founders truly believe in! We’re not just looking for strangers to spend a few hours with every other week. We’re here to build friendships within the community and take our love of all geeky things to the streets with movie meetups and happy hour events. Heck, this is exactly how our founders met and became friends!

We’re open to expansions for play testing, event building and beyond. How many times have you had to search site after site to get store info? Scheduled game days? Promotional Information? Well look no longer, we want to be the leading game source in the Valley of the sun. Opening us up to opportunities to play test games, get group discounts and to hold large gaming events.

So the real question is why haven’t you joined yet?


  1. I’m hoping to be in town visiting relatives the first week in August. I won’t have much time, but are there any gaming events I should be aware of that I could try to take part in? I’d love to hook up with some AZ gamers!

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