Episode 26: The Quagmire of Games!

Join GloryHoundd and The Uninvited Gamers “After Dark” at Games U as they talk about Werewords and update you on the local conventions. The Uninvited Gamers will also be helping you navigate the Kickstarter gauntlet by breaking down The Brigade and Gameception. Meanwhile shenanigans brew as the Uninvited Gamers figure out who the Quagmire of Games is!

Check out Episode 26: The Quagmire of Games!

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Music by Desmeon and other details below

01:09 – Small Talk
05:40 – CritHit Recap
17:45 – Tiny Epic Fest
19:25 – MaricopaCon
21:00 – Overworld
26:25 – Werewords
35:30 – Twitter Poll – What do you like most about cons?
42:57 – Intermission
43:34 –  The Brigade – Fantasy Firefighting
50:30 – Gameception
55:13 – Honorable Mentions

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