Where am I Demoing? Game on Expo

Steve Jackson Games, Men in Black will be supporting the Game on Expo this weekend at the Mesa Convention Center. It will be our first time supporting the expo but we’re ready  to rock it! We’ll have plenty of games to play and prizes to hand out.

I’ll also be bringing back #HideandLoot this weekend. So make sure to follow @GloryHoundd on Twitter for your chance to pick up some Loot!

5pm – Revolution with Jessie
7pm – Munchkin with GloryHoundd
7pm – The Stars are Right with Ryan
9pm – Steve Jackson Dice Games with GloryHoundd
9pm – Munchkin Steampunk with Ryan

10am – Marvel Munchkin with GloryHoundd
10am – Castellan with Ryan
12pm – Revolution with GloryHoundd
1pm Munchkin Cthulhu with Ryan
2pm – GURPS Dungeon Fantasy RPG with Jessie
6pm – Chez Geek with Jessie
8pm – Steve Jackson Dice games with Jessie

10am – Munchkin Quest with GloryHoundd

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