Ninth Day of Christmas Games

The Twelve Days of Christmas Games will highlight small games that easily fit into a stocking or make a great and inexpensive Holiday Gift!

For the Ninth Day of Christmas we got The Grizzled.
First off I love the art in The Grizzled. It really gives off that “old war-time” feel to it. Which is perfect because this is a cooperative game centered around surviving the trenches of the first world war. Although the theme might seem depressing for the holidays, this is certainly an amazing and strategic card game. One that will bring your family to the table and working together for only  $19.00.

12 Days of Christmas Games List
1) Munchkin Christmas Lite – Steve Jackson Games
2) LoonacyLooney Labs
3) Three Cheers for Master – Atlas Games
4) Hive Pocket – Asmodee
5)Sushi Go – GameWright
6) Bang! The Dice Game – Dv Giochi
7) Tiny Epic Galaxy – Gamelyn Games
8)Cthulhu Realms – Tasty Minstrel Games
9)The Grizzled – Cool Mini or Not

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