Eighth Day of Christmas Games

The Twelve Days of Christmas Games will highlight small games that easily fit into a stocking or make a great and inexpensive Holiday Gift!

For the Eighth Day of Christmas we got Cthulhu Realms.
Cthulhu Realms has a lot of the same mechanics as Star Realms. So if you know how to play one, the other will be a breeze. Also  you know that one friend who is into all things Cthulhu? This is going to be the game for them at a whopping $16.00. So convert today and you’ll be able to bring the all the insanity and fear of the Elder Gods to your holiday party.

12 Days of Christmas Games List
1) Munchkin Christmas Lite – Steve Jackson Games
2) LoonacyLooney Labs
3) Three Cheers for Master – Atlas Games
4) Hive Pocket – Asmodee
5)Sushi Go – GameWright
6) Bang! The Dice Game – Dv Giochi
7) Tiny Epic Galaxy – Gamelyn Games
8)Cthulhu Realms – Tasty Minstrel Games

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