Gifts for the Board Gamer with Everything

As I’ve been browsing other gaming sites I’ve noticed something awful, most of these “Gift Lists” have been created for those just getting into the gaming industry. They focus on popular games that any hardcore board gamer already has in their gaming closet. Which doesn’t help my fellow Meeple obsessed people!

So without further ado let me take your stress away and highlight the NEWEST games of 2015 that any gamer should be looking to add to their collection. I’ve also included the NEWEST expansions that your gamer might be interested in and added a “suggested item list” for those not brave enough to jump into a game purchase.

New Games Under $30

Code Names: 2-8 Players, 14+.

This game makes a great Party game and is suggested for all players new and old.


New Games Under $40

Mysterium: 2-7 Players, 8+, Co-op and Deduction.

This game can be played with all players and has similar mechanics to Dixit.


Seven Wonder Duel: 2 Players, 10+, Drafting.

Condenses 7 Wonders down to a single epic duel.


Shakespeare: 1-4 Players, 13+, Bidding

Places you in control of a Shakespearean theater troupe.



Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn: 2-4 Players, 14+, Dice Rolling

Game has some serious art on the cards.


New Games Under $60

Pandemic Legacy: 2-4 Players, 12+, Co-op, hand management.

Blue and Red boxes are the same game. A game with a story involved that actual changes the game it is advised to play with a single group.

Ghostbusters The Board Game: 1-4 Players, 15+, Co-op.

Certainly prays on your love for the 80’s cinema.  Who you gonna call???


Champions of Midgard: 2-4 Players, 10+, Dice, worker placement.

Vikings are certainly all the rage this year.


New Games Under $70

Star Wars Armada: 2 Players, 14+, Miniature, War Game.

This game is NOT compatible with X-Wing! It is a separate game with different miniatures and movement mechanics.


New Games Under $80

Tail Feathers: 2-4 Players, 9+, Miniature.

This games is a great introduction to miniature gaming for little ones.


Flick’em Up: 2-10 Players, 8+, Dexterity.

This game is certainly a crowd-pleaser and works well for for kids and new gamers. Quality pieces here too!


Forbidden Stars: 2-4 Players, 14+, Bluffing, Area Control.

War… In SPACE!


Blood Rage: 2-4 Players, 13+, Stratigic, Area Control.

Let’s be honest Vikings are just cool.


New Expansions Under $25.00

Takenoko Chibis: Adds Ms. Panda, babies and new game mechanics.



Dixit Memories: A new deck for the core game.
Munchkin Smash Up: A new deck for the core game.



More Ca$h ‘n Guns: More of the same here.
The Artisans of Naqala: Five Tribes Expansion: Adds a whole new tribe with different tribe mechanics.



Castle of Mad King Ludwig Secrets: Adds secret passages, new rooms, swans and moats. Changing key aspects of the game play.



Other Items Gamers Might Need

Broken Token Boxes: A great company that sells quality box inserts to help you organize your games. They generally have box inserts for the most popular games.

Small Bit Organizers: Any sort of small container will  work (bead or screw organizers are especially helpful) but they’re great for separating pieces and makink clean up a breeze.

For other Stocking Stuffers see my 12 Days of Christmas List which highlights small box games under $25.00.

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