What is a Quick Play?

I just launched my new You Tube channel and I want to take a moment to talk about what a Quick Play is!

A Quick play is different from a regular How To Video because it quickly reviews the rules for you in an average of 5 minutes. This is made for gamers who have already played the game before but have had enough down time between games that they can’t remember how to set up and get started.

I got the idea for this series because once I reached a “crap load” of games at home I started to lose track of how to set up my favorites and since I’m the designated READER OF THE SACRED RULES I would have to spend a ton of time searching and scanning books while everyone got to hang out  and have fun. I really needed a better solution especially while hosting parties!

Now when people call me on the phone to ask how to set up a game I just strong arm them into subscribing to my YouTube account. After all, no one wants to re-read the rules before every play. So this is just my small contribution to solving gamer problems.

If you have any games in mind that need a Quick Play let me know in the comments below. I hope to have videos posted every week !

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