5 Lazy Thanksgiving Games

The Holidays are here! That means it’s time to get your extended family together and force them to play games with you!  I mean they’re already trapped in the house with you for hours; so why not introduce them to something new!

All the games listed here are easy to setup and have very few rules. They also don’t require you to move around a whole lot after the massive meal everyone’s going to ingest.

Loonacy is recommended as a Pre-Meal game for the Holidays and should only be played upon a sturdy table. Why? This game gets out of hand fast, as people start slamming down cards and you remember why you only visit these people twice a year.

This is Matching Game that requires each player to empty their hand of cards as fast as possible. Like Uno, except everyone is playing at the same time. Good Luck and Godspeed!


Sushi Go! Is the perfect game for the Holidays! It’s compact, cute and easy to carry. It also highlights food and is simple enough that almost anyone can play.

This is a Drafting  Game that requires each player to pick a card from their hand and then pass the others along. Then you strategically try to keep the right pairs and score big points to win.

Chupacabra  recognizes true spirit of Thanksgiving by allowing you to feast on a multitude of animals  this holiday season and it easily replaces those mandatory Yahtzee games.

This Dice Rolling Game requires you to roll your dice and protect your herds from the Chupacabra. However if you roll the Chupa-thingie, be prepared to steal your friends dice! Bonus, the dice glow in the dark so if an overzealous or drunken elbow pushes them off the table they’re pretty easy to find.

The Resistance is the ideal game to play when you’re all sitting around the living room regretting life choices after the big meal.

During this Bluffing Game  each player has a hidden identity and they’ll have to rely on their Sherlock like detective skills to find out who the spy’s are. Or if you’re the spy you’ll get to weave a web of lies and half-truths all while finding out just how devious your family truly is. Never again shall you trust Grandma.

Tiny Epic Galaxies also known as TEG is for the hardcore gamers of the group and in my opinion is one of the best out of the Tiny Epic series thus far.

This is a Euro Style Game in a tiny box that lets you roll dice and then use worker placement to TAKE OVER THE GALAXY! Seriously these Tiny Epic Boxes are like the Tardis and have all the pieces to play a much larger game then you would expect.

Are there there any games you corner your guests into playing during the holidays?  I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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