Games You Need for Halloween!

First I just want to say all of these game are in print and you should be able to find them at your Friendly Local Game Store! Also this is Halloween we’re talking about so I picked these games for two reasons,spook factor and costumed shenanigans.

Be advised things could get creepy!

The Village Crone

As the village crone you get the chance to become witches with your friends and curse the village people. So this is the perfect game to get into if you like to cackle and wear witches hats. You can also take the theme one step further by throwing in a Misty Witches Brew completing your occultist party.
Spook Factor: Low, but who doesn’t want to throw down some curses during Halloween?
Players: 1-6
Length of Time: 90 Minutes.

Zombie 15You enter an apocalyptic world as a group of children and are tasked with your own survival; the caveat being that you only have 15 minutes to live. Each low groan on the soundtrack will turn your stomach as a horde of zombies spill into the streets. This game is sure to deliver heart pumping panic and promises to give your guests multiple mini heart attacks throughout the campaign. As added comfort I recommend foods like Zombie Fingers for any undead cravings.
Spook Factor: High, this game will get your blood pumping!
Players: 2-4
Length of Time: 15 Minutes

Dead of WinterYou’re one of the few survivors left and it’s the Dead of Winter. Supplies and moral are low and you’ll be forced to make decisions to help your fellow-man or let the zombies feed; protect the weak or walk away. All while questioning the loyalty of your friends and becoming paranoid that your next dice roll will deliver frostbite or worse the spreading of the zombie virus. As a special treat to the survivors serve up some Blood Splatter Cookies  to remind your guests “they could be next”.
Spook Factor: High, every choice you make could mean life or death.
Players: 2-5
Length of Time: 45-210 Minutes

MysteriumGet ready to use your best foreign accent and bring out your crystal ball because you’ve entered a haunted mansion and must solve the mystery of a murder. Hold a séance with your friends and surround yourself with Ghostly Treats. Speak to the dead by candlelight and try to figure out what the spirits are telling you in your dreams. To turn up the spook factor in this game dim the lights and light candles and incense.
Spook Factor:
Unknown, but it just seems like a good idea!
Players: 2-7
Length of Time: 42 Minutes

A Touch of EvilYou think you would steer clear of a town named Shadowbrook but you just couldn’t help yourself. You’ve decided to investigate the suspicious village and have found that evil has taken hold. Join with your friends or go alone on the hunt to find those involved and vanquish evil on this Halloween night. This game is extremely thematic and even comes with its own soundtrack. It’s best to dress up in your  Jaunty Hats and Monocle although not required for fun.
Spook Factor: Medium, plenty of wicked creatures to thwart .
Players: 2-8
Length of Time: 90 Minutes

Betrayal at the House on the HillThe door quickly snaps shut behind you and a chill runs up your spine. Something’s not right and now you’re trapped in this mansion. The walls appear slimy and ghostly apparitions cross though the halls. How long will you be able hold on to your sanity and which one of your friends will betray you? Reading the cards in a lit room is creepy however if you want to crank up spook factor turn off the lights and play this game with glow sticks. Add a little Spooky Music and your on your way to a fright fest.
Spook Factor: High! Play it by candle light and with flashlights!
Players: 3-6
Length of Time: 60 Minutes

Ultimate WerewolfThe curse of lycanthropy has invaded your village and now you must kill the werewolves before they take over! Or perhaps you have other plans for the village as you discover your pack has grown and now your clan will rise to the top. This horror themed game is a crowd-pleaser. However for Halloween I really like to get involved as the Game Master and dress up as death for the night. I’ll walk around the circle and let the victims know of their demise by tapping them with my scythe.
Spook Factor: Low, but a must for any large party!
Players: 5-68
Length of Time: 30-90 Minutes

Dinner and a Murder “The Immortal Murders”

The Immortal Court has gathered and the smell of murder is in the air. Try to gain the upper hand by searching the Costume Ball for hidden weapons and dark magic. Or if that’s not your thing use your skills of deduction to questions your friends and try to find out who the is murderer among you. It took me a long time to find the right murder mystery theme for my gaming group but when I saw this one I knew it was the perfect theme for any RPG lover.
Spook Factor: High! Get dressed up!
Players: 8-20
Length of Time: Over dinner and drinks.


Everything you love about RPG’s can be applied to Dread’s fear building mechanics as each in-game decision you make requires you to pull a brick from a Jenga Tower. Which in the beginning sounds like fun until your tower becomes crippled and everyone’s survival is on the line. With the right Game Master you can easily incorporate any horror movie theme to the fray. Ready for a Freddy Kruger’s Nightmare accompanied by Killer Clowns? Survival won’t be easy that’s for sure.
Spook Factor: High, this game can be intense with a great GM.
Players: 2-6
Length of Time: 2-4 Hours.

Any night is a great night to game but I feel like Halloween brings an added excitement you can’t get any other time of the year. Have a zombie themed party and then play only zombie games for the night or hold a costume contest and give the winner the coveted first player token for the evening! Anything to get players involved this Halloween.

Are there any terrifying games I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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