Captain America, Spycraft at its Best

Spoiler Free!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is an exciting sequel to the first film. The timeline places the action after The Avengers and Thor: Dark World in the Marvel movieverse. If you haven’t seen Thor the Dark World you’ll still understand everything that’s going on in the movie. I do recommend viewing  the other two movies first. If you’re trying to introduce comic haters or newbies to the movies then this is going to be your holy grail  film. It fully encompasses a real world 21st century feel and is jam packed political intrigue and epic spy games.

When I went into this movie I wasn’t sure what to expect. I hadn’t enjoyed the first film very much and let’s be honest Captain America is one of my least favorite comic characters who have made their way to the big screen. He ranks right under Mister Goody Two Shoes -Superman. This Captain America film offered some shocking revelations which blew my mind. This was not an outlandish exaggeration of super human powers like Thor. No, it was about 21st century technology and realistic government takeovers. This really got me thinking about how we’re being manipulated in the everyday world. Winter Solider also reminded me what  bad-asses Captain America, Black Widow and Nick Fury are. Many times in the film I felt shocked and excited about where they could take these characters in the future!

The film also stuck to Captain America’s patriotic theme. Not in an annoying  way but in a way that made you rally behind Cap’ and his cause. Remember, Captain America’s first job is not being a superhero, it’s being a soldier and protecting our Freedom! The film also had some killer twists and turns which made the entire theater audience gasp in shock three or four times. I swear at times I completely forgot I was watching a super hero flick and not a spy vs. spy film as the plot plunged  into the darkness leaving me to wonder who were the real bad guys here.

Overall I give this movie a stunning 5 out of 5 stars because I could take my mom to see it and she would love it despite all the comic references! It also makes me beg for the rumors of a Black Widow spin off to be true! Scarlett Johansson really sold me on Black Widow and I would love to see more of this character.


  1. I like your comments – it is very much a spy movie, instead of a super hero movie!
    PS. I picked this movie to see with my teenage daughters and husband for Mother’s Day! So, take your mom, and treat her to this fun movie!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Also I got a chance to take my mom to go see the movie and she thought it was great too. Seriously, an amazing movie to open people to the superhero genera.

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