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Games My 5 Year Old Dominates

After writing the Top 8 Board Games for Children with Gaming Parents I realized there’s not a lot of information or games out there for children under seven. So I was happy to pass along the word and hear some great suggestions from my readers. However what I didn’t do was highlight my child’s favorite and most competitive games. 

So without further delay here are some board games that my child will dominate you in.

It was no surprise when I asked my daughter what were her favorite games were, this was at the top of her list. She started playing Takenoko at a pretty young age and as a toddler the concepts were easy for her to understand.  Pandas eat, gardeners grow and match the tiles to the cards. Although this year was the first year the panda no longer wandered the pastures. Instead she plays each game with strategy and focus; easily pulling out a win on any new gamer at the table.
Edited Rules: When she first started playing this game I would give her one objective card to focus on at a time. This would help her realize the cause and effects of her choices during the game and how she should choose certain tasks to help complete different objectives.
Age my Child Played: 3, Recommended Age: 8+
Skills Requires: Not putting pieces in their mouth. Skills Acquired: Learned how to multi task in a game and create a strategy.  Continue reading Games My 5 Year Old Dominates


Top 8 Board Games for Children with Gaming Parents

There are a lot of really awesome board games out there and after having a child I quickly realized that my love of gaming would be passed down to my spawn. Things started slow as she showed interest in playing King of Tokyo with us at the age of two however halfway through the game she would get distracted and wander off.  By three she was interested in playing a full game and by four she wanted to play every game we had on the shelf. A few games I had to alter for her but once she started preschool I realized how much she had learned by letting her play with us. Her math, matching, reading and pattern skills beat anyone in her age group and I’ve found it’s the easiest way to teach her a new skill.

So what did we play? Continue reading Top 8 Board Games for Children with Gaming Parents