What I’m Reading – Girl Genius

Agatha and Gil via girlgeniusonline.com

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Girl Genius but what I do remember is reading Mad Science in the banner and thinking to myself “Finally, a comic they’ve devoted to my very existence!”. The story is set in a Steampunk, fantasy filled realm with airships, moody robots and schmexy Jägermonsters. Our heroine Agatha starts out as feeble lab assistant who can’t seem to build anything that works. However, when she loses her heirloom locket, strange things start to happen around her. Mysterious clanks (robots) begin to appear on the streets and she discovers her true powers have been a kept secret for far too long.
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Gamers Inn Review

Gamers Inn
1232 East Southern Avenue. Mesa AZ, 85204
(480)-507-0509 or (602) 531- 5275 for afterhours pick-up
Store Hours:
M – W: Closed
TH: 3pm – 12am
F-Sa: 12pm – 2am
Su: 12pm – 10pm

First Impression: 

Gamer’s Inn is a far cry from what it used to be but that doesn’t mean it deserves all the negative reviews I’ve seen on the web. From what I’ve been told, the owner has moved most of their sales to their internet based store. So they simply don’t offer the same products they used to and they have changed their store front to reflect that.  In short Gamer’s Inn is no longer mecca for Pen and Paper gamer’s but a hub for Magic the Gathering and Warhammer.

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Zombies, Run! S1-M2

zombies runSeason One, Mission Two. COMPLETE!

I spent most of this run doing two very important things. The first was contemplating exactly when the zombies were going to start chasing me. Since I was recovering from my panic filled adrenaline run from the night before I was trying to reserve some of my energy but the anticipation of a zombie chase was becoming maddening. I ran through the streets bordering on paranoia as the start of each song triggered an impending drop of my stomach and gasp of my breath. I knew zombies were spawning just around the corner. No wait, maybe now? Um…. Now? I began to feel like a retriever waiting for some taunting asshole to throw my ball as he continually faked the toss. Yeah you jerk-face, throw the damn ball before I have a heart attack from my frolicking anticipation! Half way through my run I finally had to give up on the zombies, thinking maybe the chases were more spontaneous. Continue reading Zombies, Run! S1-M2

Game Depot Review

Game Depot
3136 S. McClintock Drive. Tempe AZ, 85282
Store Hours:
M-T & F-Sa: 10am – 7pm
W: 10am – 8pm
Th: 10am – 9pm
Su: 12pm – 6pm

First Impression: 

I called down to Game Depot expecting them not to have the games i was looking for. However to my surprise they had both games in stock. I said thank you and then waited until my shift was over to run down there. I picked out several games and went up to the cashier, David. He asked me about a few of the expansions i had picked up, insuring i already had the originals before i bought them. He also asked if i was the one who called on the phone earlier this morning  and than apologized for one of the games i had asked about being out of stock. He said that another person had come in and picked it up before i got there and next time i call down i should ask them to put it on hold for me. Over all my visit was a kind and informative one.
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Zombies, Run! S1-M1

zombies runSeason One, Mission One. COMPLETE!

When I downloaded this app it sounded like a fantastic idea. Certainly the thought of zombies chasing me on a run would give me the motivation I needed to jog just a little faster. I also hoped that the added story-line would keep me more consistent with my running. However when it came down to the first day I stepped out the front door, I realized I was an idiot. My choice time of day for a jolly little jog was near midnight. Which added a whole new level of creepiness as I ran through the deserted roadways of my neighborhood. Certainly, everyone enjoys the idea of zombie shenanigans but in all actuality my two-mile run was mostly a fear induced sprint as I crossed under flickering street lamps of my block. I certainly blame most of the panic due to my vivid imagination as every barking dog became a rotting Doberman thirsting for my living flesh and I couldn’t help flinching as they tried to beat down the fence as I passed. Then the flash backs came as I recalled movies like Resident Evil and 28 Days. The memories plagued my every step and I glanced around the neighborhood frantically, envisioning the horde closing in behind me. Before I knew it my mission was over and my run was complete. High-fives for fear induced distractions!

Mission Review: I really enjoyed the first mission however It did take me a few days of prep work to get my music set up so it would work correctly with this App.  Apparently the music is detrimental to the App as it determines how long your run is going to last for. I was also very happy to be able use Nike+ at the same time as the Zombies, Run App with no issues.

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