The Uninvited Gamers

GloryHoundd and The Uninvited Gamers is an “After Dark” podcast featuring a heavy dose of entertainment scattered between Board Game Reviews, Tabletop RPG’s and other gaming shenanigans. We pride ourselves on being very distinct gamers with diverse specialties and different passions in the hobby. Making our show a unique and expansive review for any game.

GloryHoundd – I enjoy long walks through monster infested dungeons, good ole fashioned tabletop duels, dabbling in audio egocentric measures, Hosting Podcasts aka cat herding and quietly managing my epic console adventure addiction
Twitter: @gloryhoundd
Facebook: InGloryWeTrust
Instagram: @gloryhoundd
YouTube: Channel

DrGloryHogg – Father, Veteran, MTG dueling specialist and a hardcore gamer with a mouth that offends even the filthiest of rogues.
Twitter: @DrGloryHogg

Greg Dickson – Podcast Host from Hooked On Geek.
Twitter: @GregcDickson

Richard Newby – Dungeons & Dragons connoisseur, crusher of dreams and self-certified Doomtown Sheriff.
Twitter: @rlnewby
Instagram: @rlnewby

Eyeprofet – Long time pen and paper Game Master, Megaversal Ambassador for Palladium books. usurper looking for work and the reigning champion of the Father’s Day Wiz-War Invitational!
Battlenet: eyeprofet#1334

Just Colleen – I enjoy winning. Nuff said.

Alex Brady – Real life Swordsman, Audio Engineer, Professor to anyone who stands still, Professional beer drinker, Dungeon Master and most importantly German as *uck.
Twitter: @MilkmanofDeath
YouTube: Fancy Burny


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