The Uninvited Gamers

GloryHoundd and The Uninvited Gamers is a Video Production that focuses on Board Games, Kickstarters and other geeky things that we love. As we’re looking to not only inform the community but also keep things fun and exciting.

GloryHoundd – I enjoy long walks through monster-infested dungeons, good ole fashioned tabletop duels, Hosting Videocasts aka cat herding and quietly managing my epic console adventure addiction.
Twitter: @gloryhoundd
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Instagram: @gloryhoundd

DrGloryHogg – Father, Veteran, MTG dueling specialist and a hardcore gamer with a mouth that offends even the filthiest of rogues.
Twitter: @DrGloryHogg
Instagram: @DrGloryHogg

Greg Dickson – Podcast Host from Hooked On Geek.
Twitter: @GregcDickson
Twitter: @HookedonGeek
Instagram: @GregcDickson