The Uninvited Gamers

GloryHoundd and The Uninvited Gamers is an “After Dark” podcast that features heavy doses of entertainment between Board Game Reviews, Tabletop RPG’s and other gaming shenanigans. We pride ourselves on being five very distinct gamers with diverse  specialties and different passions in the hobby. Making our show a unique and expansive review system.

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GloryHoundd – I enjoy  long walks through monster infested dungeons, visually stimulating reading materials, good ole fashioned tabletop duels and epic console adventures.
Twitter: @gloryhoundd
Facebook: InGloryWeTrust
Instagram: @gloryhoundd
YouTube: Channel

Richard Newby – Can be found playing everything from Dungeons & Dragons to Doomtown. Also does all the audio editing for the show.
Twitter: @rlnewby
Instagram: @rlnewby

DrGloryHogg – Father, veteran, entertainer, MTG connoisseur and hardcore gamer.
Twitter: @DrGloryHogg

Eyeprofet – Long time pen and paper RPG Gamer Master and Megaversal Ambassador for palladium books. Loves a good challenge for all types of games from video, board and even collectible cards. Also the reigning champion of the Father’s Day Invitational Wiz-War championship!
Battlenet: eyeprofet#1334

Just Colleen – Avid gamer who enjoys winning. Nuff said!

Alex Brady – Swordsman, audio engineer, professor, beer drinker, and dungeon master. Oh and German, that’s the most important part.
Twitter: @A_Thanatophobe
YouTube: Fancy Burny


In Glory we Trust