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GloryHoundd Presents focuses on charming board game, role-playing and digital content. Presenting the best features of your game while entertaining a wide demographic of viewers.

Live Playthroughs

Our live content builds engagement in the board game community by involving viewers in engrossing discussions and pivotal decisions. While playing we promote the game theme heavily while showcasing how exciting the game is.

Crowdfunding Previews

We offer an in-depth look into the board game concept while providing context and game play highlights.

Live Panel Hosting

Panel Hosting is adaptable depending on the scope of the project. We provide introductions to the panel, full moderation, or stream the content from your social media accounts reaching remote audiences.

Gloryhoundd Presents engages viewers by discovering what excites them because gaming is central to building relationships. Including those with our publishers.

“Gloryhoundd and team are producing some of the best live content on the web today. From their full gameplays to gaming news discussions, Their energy and engagement with viewers makes them a treat to watch. Can’t recommend them enough.”   ~ Chad Elkins, 25th Century Games 

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