Bit Box Testing

Bit Box Tester
Updated 9/29/2016 – Collection not complete.

Hello fellow gamers! I’ve been selected to test fit my gaming collection for Bit Box and I have collected my results below. If you want to see pictures of the fit just click on the games.

I’ve also listed some games as “Csm” which means the games took up less than half of a small box. So this would be an excellent game to combine with other Csm’s.

Please be aware, I’ve also listed (Board) behind each game. This means I would have to use a board box for some of the games boards/ large flat components.

List of Games Alphabetical

SM – Adventure Time Card Game – 1 Set
LG – AEG Black Box (Board)
LG – Agricola (Board)
SM – Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small (Board)
MED – Arcadia Quest – Bits only (Board)
Csm – Armadora (Board)
Csm – Awful Green Things from Outer Space (Board)
Csm – Bang! Walking Dead (Board)
XLG – BattleCon Devastation of the Indies (Board)
SM – Battlestar Galactica (Board)
MED – Betrayal at House on the Hill
Csm – Bill & Teds Excellent Board Game
Csm – Blood Bound
MED – Blood Bowl Team Manager – Foul Play and Sudden Death
Csm – Bring Out Yer Dead (Board)
SM – The Captain is Dead (Board)
Csm – Car Wars Card Game (Board)
SM – Carcassonne – & Rivers
MED – Castellan
MED – Castles of Mad King Ludwig (Board)
SM – Chez Geek – & Slack to the Future, Spring Break, Chez Grunt
Csm – Chupacabra
SM – Codenames
MED – Compounded (Board)
Csm – Cthulhu Realms
Csm – Cubist
XLG – D&D – Temple of Elemental Evil (Board)
SM – Dark Gothic
SM – Dixit Journey (Board)
MED – Dominion
SM – Doomtown – Just base set
XLG – Dungeon Lords Happy Anniversary (Board)
Csm – Dungeon Roll
SM – Epic Spell Wars (Board)
MED – Fantastiqua (Board)
MED – Fantasy Frontier
MED – Five Tribes (Board) – LG with Expansions
XLG – Flick’em Up – with Stallion Canyon
SM – Food Fight & Snack Attack
SM – Forbidden Island
SM – Fury of Dracula (Board)
MED – Game of Thrones 2nd Ed. (Board)
SM – Gearworld (Board)
Csm – Get Bit
SM – Ghost Stories (Board)
LG – Gollum Arcana (Board)
SM – Greedy Greedy Goblins (Board)
SM – Gregorie’s Horror Show
SM – Grizzled
Csm – Here Kitty Kitty (Board)
MED – Heroes Wanted (Board)
Csm – I Hate Zombies
Csm – Illuminati
MED – Invasion from Outer Space (Board)
SM – Jamaica (Board)
MED – Jenga Boom
MED – King of New York (Board)
MED – King of Tokyo (Board) & Halloween, Power Up
SM – Lanterns
MED – Last Night on Earth (Board)
MED – Lords of Waterdeep – Skullport (Board)
Csm – Machi Koro
MED – Magic the Gathering Arena Planeswakers (Board)
SM – Make Me a God
SM – Mars Attacks Dice Game and Mars Attacks 10 min Take Down
SM – Mice and Mystics (Board)
MED – Munchkin with all current expansions for Classic Munchkin
SM – Munchkin Cthulhu – with all current expansions for cthulhu
Csm – Munchkin Grim
SM – Munchkin Panic (Board)
LG – Munchkin Quest & Looking for Trouble, Portal Kombat
SM – Munchkin Treasure Hunt (Board)
SM – Munchkin Zombies
MED – Mysterium (Board)
Csm – Nanuk (Board)
SM – Netrunner
SM – Ninja Burger
SM – Nuns on the Run (Board)
Csm – Ogre 218 – Ogre Pocket Edition
Csm – Once Upon a Time
SM – Pandemic –  with On the Brink (Board)
SM – Patchwork 2 player (Board)
MED – Pathfinder, Card Game – Base set with one expansion
SM – Pocket Odyssey (Board)
SM – Puerto Rico (Board)
MED – Quarriors
LG – Qwirkle
LG – Red Dragon Inn – 1/2 and 5, and three single character decks
SM – The Resistance (Board) & Hidden Agenda
LG – Revolution! (Board) & the Palace, Anarchy
MED – Risk: LOTR (Board)
SM – Rumble in the Dungeon (Board)
MED – Scoville (Board) & Labs
SM – Secret Hitler (Board)
MED – Shadows over Camelot (Board)
MED – Sheriff of Nottingham
Csm – Simon’s Cat
LG – Smallworld – with Realms (Board)
MED – Smash Up – with expansions up to 2014
SM – Snake Oil
SM – Spector Ops (Board)
MED – Star Trek Catan (Board)
SM – The Stars are Right
SM – Steam Torpedo
SM – SuperFight
Csm – Sushi Go
MED – Takenoko – with chibis
LG – Terra Mystica (Board)
MED – Terror in Meeple City (Rampage) (Board)
SM – Three Cheers for Master
MED – Ticket to Ride (Board)
SM – Tiny Epic Galaxy
SM – Tiny Epic Kingdoms & Heroes Call
MED – Touch of Evil – xlg with all expansions click Here (Board)
SM – Trekking  National Parks (Board)
SM – Tsuro of 7 Seas (Board)
Csm – Ultimate Werewolf
Csm – Valley of Kings
Csm – Warcraft TCG
MED – Zombie 15 (Board)
SM – Zombie Dice
Csm – Zombie Sheep

Before Bit Box

Before Bit Box


Something’s missing…

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